What is the HR Marathon?

Our real-time assessment tool has over 400 questions tailored to your organization - with recommendations to improve your workplace and data to track your HR department over time.

How Does it Work?

Go the distance with this comprehensive online assessment that you can do in your own time and at your own pace. With over 400 questions divided into 12 sections, the HR Marathon takes companies' business information into account by asking the right questions based on the answers that are entered by the company. The HR Marathon provides:

  • A real-time dashboard - with graphs to track all score results and a comparative analysis of how your company scored versus other companies of similar industry, size, and geography
  • Recommendations - sorted by category, on how to improve your organization's HR function
  • User-specific questions - assign roles to users who, in turn, can answer questions that are specific to their job function (e.g. assign recruiting questions to the recruiter)
  • Subscription service - track your data over time to monitor your improvements and create long-term plans

Mini HR Marathon

Test the waters with our “Mini” HR Marathon. With only approximately 40 questions from 11 (of the 12) sections, the Mini HR Marathon will give you a sample of what to expect with the full version. Only $79 for 30 days.

Strategic Planning
Human Resource Information System
Performance Management
Employee Relations, Engagement, and Communications
Employment Law Compliance
HR Metrics